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Welcome! We are the home for visualization research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our mission is to empower everyone to analyze and communicate data with interactive systems.

The team is made up of four groups that lead visualization research in Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Analytics, and Geographic Information Systems.

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Recent news from the lab!

Fred wins SIGCHI dissertation award

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Dr. Fred Hohman won the SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award and gave a talk at ACM CHI 2022 summarizing his dissertation and reflecting on his research on interactive interfaces for machine learning interpretability.

Arpit wins TA award

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Arpit Narechania won the Center for Teaching and Learning's Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) of the Year Award in the School of Interactive Computing. Arpit was a GTA to Alex Endert for CS4460 during Fall 2021.

Arpit wins poster award

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Arpit Narechania represented Team vitaLITy and won the College of Computing Award at the annual Career, Research and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC) for their poster on VitaLITy Promoting Serendipitous Discovery of Academic Literature.