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Welcome! We are the home for visualization research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our mission is to empower everyone to analyze and communicate data with interactive systems.

The team is made up of four groups that lead visualization research in Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Analytics, and Geographic Information Systems.

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Recent news from the lab!

We are hiring

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We are looking to add a new visualization-focused faculty member in IC this academic year. Job Ad

Arjun wins dissertation award

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Arjun Srinivasan won the IEEE VGTC Award for the top Visualization-related PhD Dissertation of the past year for his work on multimodal interfaces to visualization systems.

VIS 21 Participation

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The GT Visualization Lab contributes to the VIS conference this year in a number of ways. This includes 5 papers, 2 short papers, 3 posters, 2 keynote presentations, and 1 panel discussion participation.