Our Groups

We are made of four groups that lead visualization research in Geographic Information Systems, Human Centered AI, Visual Analytics and Information Visualization.

Picture of Friendly Cities Lab

The research group led by Clio Andris within the School of City & Regional Planning and School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. We develop new mapping strategies for modeling social life, livelihoods, and interpersonal relationships in geographic space.

Featured Projects:

Picture of Friendly Cities Lab's fun moments
geographic information systems (GIS) urban planning visualization

Picture of Visual Analytics Lab

We design, develop, and study interactive visual analytic applications that help people make sense of data. We approach this challenge through combining scientific techniques from information visualization, machine learning, data mining, and human-computer interaction to produce usable, yet powerful visual analytic applications.

Featured Projects:

Picture of Visual Analytics Lab's fun moments
visual analytics biases in visualization explainable AI

Picture of Polo Club of Data Science

At the Polo Club of Data Science, led by Polo Chau, we innovate scalable, interactive, and interpretable tools that amplify human’s ability to understand and interact with billion-scale data and machine learning models. Our current research thrusts human-centered AI (interpretable, fair, safe AI; adversarial ML); large graph visualization and mining; cybersecurity; and social good (health, energy).

Featured Projects:

Picture of Polo Club of Data Science's fun moments
human-centered AI graph visualization cybersecurity

Picture of Information Interfaces Group

The Information Interfaces Group, led by John Stasko, applies information visualization and visual analytics techniques to help people better analyze, understand, and present data sets and document collections.

Featured Projects:

Picture of Information Interfaces Group's fun moments
information visualization authoring systems multimodal interfaces